My first attempt at an iOS 7 PhoneGap application

MyWall on the iPhone!

What is MyWall?

Ah my first iOS app using PhoneGap, produced quite a while ago this project was basically a note taking application which takes advantage of browser technologies to store all the information locally. The project has 3 main features:

Location Services

The app uses the power of Google Maps to convert your latitude and longitude to an actual town/street. This is then processed and attached to a note.


Using the native capabilities, the app uses the camera to store a photo as a string, (this string is in base64), and (you guessed it) attached to another note.

Powerful JavaScript

The application uses a lot of JavaScript in order to give a great user interface complete with mimicked iOS animation, transitions and touch gestures (including slide to delete).

Below is a video of the app (just to give a taster).

Created on: 20 November 2013