A powerful example of HTML5 meeting agricultural problems

CattleACE on iPad

CattleACE has been developed for the agricultural industry. Primarily made to aid with the frustrating task of record keeping cattle this application allows quick input, searching and bulk actions to keep the amount of time to a minimum. Also as the application is on the iPad (at the moment) farmers can say goodbye to the office and hello to record keeping on the move!

Designed by Farmers for Farmers

Designed with great effort, CattleACE has been created with the user at its heart. By undergoing a lot of research/prototyping I am confident that absolutely anybody could use this application because of its simplicity, clarity and will work well in the outdoors (avoiding mass reflection on the screen). The UI has also been designed to meet the Apple iOS 7 guidelines and therefore would be able to be submitted to the App Store.

CattleACE cow info screen on iPad

Packed with Functionality

Just a couple of important features of CattleACE include :

  • The ability to see each individual cow’s information, in one place. Such as medical records, location information, breeding information and much more!
  • Having the opportunity to check out information on other people's cattle. Especially when in the markets. (This has been traditionally reliant on the “word of the seller”, until now.)M/li>
  • CattleACE offers the functionally to look at any cow’s information by simply inputting the yellow EU ear tag details.
  • The opportunity for multiple employees to be assigned to you herd, allowing you to not do all the work but separate it equally around.

Tasks made quick and effortless

With simple to use menus, views and inputs the application has been designed to ensure that whatever the user wishes to do they can do it efficiently and with less effort than reaching out for a pen. The use of multi-select boxes and the bulk update option is just two more ways that CattleACE can provide a great, time saving experience.

CattleACE cow input screen on iPad

Built with a custom API, allowing endless possibilities

With a custom built REST-based API, (built from the ground up), this application can be used as 2 separate elements. The first element is the UI for the user leading to the second being the service that “sits” on the server itself. Being built with PHP at the heart the application can perform tasks through ha set of JSON instructions allowing the possibility for multiple users to work on the same herd, data being up to date and other applications to communicate with the CattleACE operations.

Created on: 20 June 2014