5 Powerful Sublime Text 3 Plugins To Try

6 June 2015

As I have a little bit of free time, let's dive into the beauty of Sublime Text 3 and some of it's most powerful, time saving plugins you can download from Package Control today.

#1 Sublimerge

Screenshot of Sublimerge plugin

The winner of saving my sanity this week goes to Sublimerge Pro! Allowing you to view your files side by side for irregularities is defiantly a time saver. It's extremely easy to use and is a powerful tool when your version merges got it's up, forcing you to debug by hand.

#2 Sublime SFTP

Screenshot of SFTP plugin

Exactly what it says on the tin/webpage! It's a brilliant SFTP plugin which means there's no need to drag your files to FileZilla to upload them. It's really easy to setup through it's settings file, strutted in JSON, which offers quite a bit of flexibility. Another handy feature is that the files are also stored locally before being uploaded so no need to update two copies!

#3 LESS highlighting

It may sound simple but this handy little plugin makes your life easier when writing LESS, I mean... Who doesn't like their code to be colourful?

#4 Side Bar Enhancements

Screenshot of Sublimerge plugin

So you're sat there thinking... Why can't the sidebar be a little handier...? Well now there is an answer! This handy plugin allows your Sublime Text sidebar manipulate files, open them in a browser/application and much more

#5 GotoLastEditEnhanced

Something which I am about to put into my workflow is this plugin with a simple problem to resolve. As the name suggests the plugin allows you to simple go to the last place of edit with a simple keyboard shortcut leaving you to crack on with your coding and less time trying to find the previous line you were on before you start clicking around and scrolling.

And finally, who could forget.... a theme!

Currently I am using the Soda Light theme :)...

Got any plugins of your own or some you use a lot in Sublime Text 3? Share them below