5 Powerful Sublime Text 3 Plugins To Try

6 June 2015

5 Powerful Sublime Text 3 Plugins To Try thumbnail

As I have a little bit of free time, let's dive into the beauty of Sublime Text 3 and some of it's most powerful, time saving plugins you can download from Package Control today. #1 Sublimerge The winner of saving my sanity this week goes to Sublimerge Pro! Allowing y...

CSS Grids using LESS

21 May 2015

I had some time to myself this evening... Yep, you heard me right... and I used it wisely, messing around with the glory of making my own CSS grid system, because I'm completely insane! I created this simple system to be used with a big project I am currently working on, (which I will p...

Google Maps API: Setting markers via Postcode

30 March 2015

This weekend I have been playing around with the Google Maps JavaScript API after a friend of mine asked how to convert a postcode to longitude and latitude. In the end, I made a simple map that can accept a postcode and put a marker on the map and I am going to teach you how to do it to...

jQuery Plugin Creation: A Simple Boilerplate

25 February 2015

It's been a while and this is my first post of 2015! Now that's exciting news. right? I have been experimenting with quite a bit of jQuery lately and making my own plugins is something that is not only a challenge but also a joy. It can lead to many possibilities, so in this short art...

Magento Client Tutorials Part 1: Adding, Editing, Deleting

25 November 2014

In this small group of tutorials I will be teaching you how to manage your new Magento website! We will be covering all the basics from managing pages, processing orders and some more cool advanced things. In part 1 I will be teaching you how to: Managing recipes and news ...

Disqus: Universal Code Fix

7 October 2014

As I found, when using the current universal code on Disqus the script will not load in IE 10 (and possibly below). However, the script will load on all other browsers. The script currently makes an "Access is Denied" error on the console of IE, this can be solved by using an AJAX ca...

Error Logging with .htaccess

7 October 2014

It's a good idea to not display any PHP error messages when you publish your web project to the world wide web. Therefore hiding those annoying messages a must, but how do you know why something went wrong? That's where error logging comes in! The easiest way to error log is to use the ....

Easy SVG Fallbacks and Modernizr

5 October 2014

SVG comes as an image that's not only small in file size but also looks great at any image size too! It's really no wonder why it's became so popular for the web. Due to being vector, SVG Is nothing like the traditional PNG and JPEG files (which can start to pixelate at certain sizes) ...

Welcome Along

4 October 2014

Welcome Along thumbnail

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my new blog. It's been a long time coming but finally I have had the time to complete it enough to start writing. If you don't know who I am check me out and if you already know, I'm a web developer! (I have a certificate and everything)... A...