A Bit More About Me

My name is Steve Jefferson and I live in the very beautiful county of Lincolnshire. I am very passionate about the web and it's ever growing technologies which mean, in true developer style, I can be working for hours and hours sitting in front of my laptop trying to develop something "cool". I love a challenge, which sometimes does result in the loss of my sanity for a good couple of days by the end of a big project. I believe anything is possible (within reason) and would love to be known for something successful. As you should have guessed, this is my personal website which I hope will inspire others or provide others with helpful articles in my blog. I'm sure I will think of other bits to put on this page, but for now if you want to know more about me, don't be afraid to get in touch.

A little bit of history, I graduated from Staffordshire University in 2014 making me a BSc in Web Development (surprising right). However before that I used to work on the land driving agricultural machinery around the place (didn't expect that did you).

Languages and Libraies I Know..

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, ASP .net + MVC, C#, Objective C and a few more..

Things I Read & Listen Too

Whether I need to gane knowledge, imporve on my skills or find out interesting things I go to the following place:

  1. Boagworld Web Show
  2. ShopTalk Show
  3. Web Designer Mag
  4. net Magazine
  5. Unfinished.bz
  6. Smashing Magazine
  7. Sitepoint
iPhone 5s with Podcast Libray

A List Of A Few Random Bits

  • I love a great tasting beer
  • I listen to some classic songs (but never out loud)
  • I can (sometimes) be really good at pool
  • I spend most of my weekends working outside
  • I enjoy cycling, really fast
  • I do eat a lot of junk food
  • I could drink pints and pints of cold coffee
A great beer - Titanic Brewery Captian Smith's